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Repair of only anterior talofibular ligament resulted in similar outcomes to those of repair of both anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligaments
Kyung Rae Ko1 · Won‑Young Lee1(이원영) · Hyobeom Lee1 · Hee Seol Park1 · Ki‑Sun Sung1
Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy(SCI급)
족부 및 족관절, 수부 및 손목관절, 외상
Sustained Delivery of Transforming Growth Factor β1 by Use of Absorbable Alginate Scaffold Enhances Rotator Cuff Healing in a Rabbit Model.
Yoon JP, Lee CH, Jung JW, Lee HJ, Lee YS(이용수), Kim JY, Park GY, Choi JH, Chung SW.
American Journal of Sports Medicine(SCI급)
Inverse agonist of ERRγ reduces cannabinoid receptor type 1-mediated induction of fibrinogen synthesis in mice with a high-fat diet-intoxicated liver.
Zhang Y, Kim DK, Jung YS, Kim YH, Lee YS(이용수), Kim J, Jeong WI, Lee IK, Cho SJ, Dooley S, Lee CH, Choi HS.
Archives of Toxicology(SCI급)
Gene Expression Patterns Analysis in the Supraspinatus Muscle after a Rotator Cuff Tear in a Mouse Model.
Lee YS(이용수), Kim JY, Kim HN, Lee DW, Chung SW.
Biomed Research International(SCI급)
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